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Xiamen Long Sheng Stone Xiamen Long Sheng Stone processes a wide variety of architectural, construction and building stone products in any custom sizes, finishes and designs in a wide selection of granite materials to meet your needs, desires and specifications.

Our construction building stone products cover any kind of Paving Stone, Kerbstone, Curbstone, Cube Stone, Granite Setts, Wall Stone, Stair Steps, Pillars, Balustrades, Sills, Drainage Channels … … The finishes of the above products can be supplied in Polished, Honed, Sawn, Flamed, Fine Picked (Bush-hammered), Sandblasted, Chiseled, or Rough and so on as per your detailed requirements.

Please just simply provide us your detailed specifications, plans or designs of your requirements to start the process. We are dedicated to offering the quality products with competitive prices and reliable service for your architectural projects or trade orders.

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