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       Floating Sphere Water Fountains (風水球) …  

Xiamen Long Sheng Stone is specialized in producing singularly exclusive Floating Stone Sphere Water Fountains (Rolling Ball Fountains) with a wide color selection of natural stones to choose from.
Our floating sphere fountains (rolling ball fountains) are ideal for private homes, condominium entrances, atriums, shopping malls, medical centers, hotels, golf courses, swimming pools, entertainment areas, spas, country clubs, parks, museums, airports, libraries and other large outdoor public spaces … …
- Available in sphere diameters from 4 inches(10cm) to over 6 feet(180cm). We are now mainly manufacture 12”(30cm), 16”(40cm), 20”(50cm), 24”(60cm), 28”(70cm), 32”(80cm), 36”(90cm), 40”(100cm), 43”(110cm), 48”(120cm), 60”(150cm), 72”(180cm). Custom sizes are also available.
- Available in etching with global continent, icon or logo on the floating stone spheres.
- Available in self-contained base where install space is a premium.
- Available in custom designed bases to meet your special needs.
- Available in individual shipping worldwide.
We are focused on providing you with reliable products and dependable service. The sphere fountain pictures below exemplify our high value and commitment to quality. The following pictures contain only a selection of what is available. Should the need arise for additional or more detailed information about our floating sphere fountains, please feel free to Contact us. We are available for design consultation, and to answer any question you may have!



The 6 foot (180cm) large Sphere Fountain we made for Memorial “9.11” Victims in Orange County Park, New York.


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LS6ft-1 LS6ft-2 LS6ft-3 LS6ft-4
LS6ft-5 LS6ft-6 LS6ft-7 LS6ft-8
LS6ft-9 LS6ft-10 LS6ft-11 Orange Article
More Floating Sphere Fountains …

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LSwf-1 LSwf-2 LSwf-3 LSwf-4
LSwf-5 LSwf-6  LSwf-7 LSwf-8 
LSwf-9 LSwf-10 LSwf-11 LSwf-12
LSwf-13 LSwf-14 LSwf-15  LSwf-16 
LSwf-17 LSwf-18 LSwf-19 LSwf-20
LSwf-21 LSwf-22 LSwf-23 LSwf-24
LSwf-25 LSwf-26  LSwf-27 LSwf-28 
LSwf-29 LSwf-30 LSwf-31 LSwf-32
LSwf-33 LSwf-34 LSwf-35  LSwf-36 
LSwf-37 LSwf-38 LSwf-39 LSwf-40
LSwf-41 LSwf-42 LSwf-43 LSwf-44
LSwf-45 LSwf-46 LSwf-47  LSwf-48 
LSwf-49 LSwf-50 LSwf-51  LSwf-52 
LSwf-53 LSwf-54    


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