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Xiamen Long Sheng Stone has invested in industry of rare and quality Chinese Sandstones which are ideal for interior or exterior construction and decoration purpose.

Our sandstone is a sedimentary rock mostly composed of sand-sized grains of quartz and siltstone. It is very strong attractive for its primeval, exotic and rustic temperament with sandy surfaces and waving veins not only like the dune but also the sandy beach or landscape sight, which is a perfect combination of harmonious whole and changeable part. It gives the building a special personality with its serious and elegant. Our sandstone is very hard, strong and durable. After being appraised by “Chinese Building Material Testing Center”, its physical characteristics were proved to be similar with those of the Australian sandstone and its radioactivity was found to be consistent with the state standard. Therefore, it has unrestricted range of structural uses.

We have 4 kinds of sandstone colors available now including Yellow Sandstone, White Sandstone, Red Sandstone and Green Sandstone. However, at present the Yellow Sandstone is more stable and reliable for us on volume supply. Our Yellow Sandstone has 3 series classified by different surface veins including Zelkova Vein Series, Wood Vein Series and Landscape Vein Series. Our main products on sandstone include Tiles, Wall Claddings, Cut to Size, Random Slabs, Raw Blocks, Pavings, Bricks, Mushroom Stones, Culture Stones and Fireplace Mantels, etc. The finishes can be processed in natural cleft, rough, sawn, honed or polished, also a special waterproof treatment can be applied on request to prevent the sandstone from wet or pollution and to be long lasting and durable.

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Sandstone Colors (砂岩種類)
Sandstone Products (砂岩製品)


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Sandstone Colors (砂岩種類)
LS2005(Zelkova Vein) LS2005(Zelkova Vein) LS2005(Zelkova Vein) LS2005(Zelkova Vein)
LS2006(Wood Vein) LS2006(Wood Vein) LS2006(Wood Vein) LS2006(Wood Vein)
LS2008(Landscape Vein) LS2008(Landscape Vein) LS2008(Landscape Vein) LS2008(Landscape Vein)
LS2002(White Sandstone) LS2003(Red Sandstone) LS2004(Green Sandstone)
Sandstone Products (砂岩製品)
LSsand-1 LSsand-2 LSsand-3 LSsand-4
LSsand-5 LSsand-6 LSsand-7 LSsand-8
LSsand-9 LSsand-10 LSsand-11 LSsand-12
LSsand-13 LSsand-14 LSsand-15 LSsand-16
LSsand-17 LSsand-18 LSsand-19 LSsand-20
LSsand-21 LSsand-22    

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